Our Escrow Deals In

Cryptocurrency ICO & Forex Trading

Cryptocurrency companies and initial coin offerings coperations partner with us so interested participants can get their currencies through us and not have to worry about the inconsistecies the cryptomarket is witnessing today.

Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery costs a whole lot of money and that's why we provide maximum security for those who venture into it. We guarantee the buyer of the seller and the seller of the buyer. This way, they are either both satisfied or both refunded however the case might be.

Ship Sales

Ships are amongst the few ventures some companies have entrusted in our care for sale because of our customer network. It's not suprising when you think of the cost of one ship. For this, you could make direct interactions with us to get the best.


We help interested clients to secure ownerships no matter the price in exchanges like this. Business and investment security is our goal and we will keep expanding the numbers of sectors where we can provide this service.

Oil & Crude

Use our escrow service today to either buy a seller you are sure of or sell to a buyer you are sure of. For any interests in consuming this service directly with us, kindly reach us via support for guidance.

Escrow Services

This is our core. This is our foundation. Provision of business security where buyer doesn't get paid until the seller is satisfied is the heart of our service. King Elite Escrow is here to make transacting business a breeze.


To get started with us today, all you have to do is register.
After registration, login credentials are sent to you after approval.
This is where you start a transaction and choose which of our services you intend to consume.
After initiation of a transaction, you would be contacted by support through your dashboard for further proceedings
You update us about the details whether to end or continue transaction.
This is where you conclude the transaction, have funds released or reimbursed.