Frequently Asked Questions

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BTC2MINE(KEE) is a company that develops software for cloud mining and maintains equipment in datacenters.
Our equipment is set up to work with a number of pools. When you select a specific plan and the hashrate percent allocated to it, our system begins to use that amount of hashrate in the selected plan.
After the system calculates your hashrate's input and the total payout from that pool you will be given your share of the mined Bitcoin.
To make a deposit into your account, you’ll have to be a registered member of BTC2MINE, then login to your dashboard and click on the “Make Deposit” button,
then you’ll be redirected to where to make payment. Please, ensure you send the exact BTC value to the given address.
The minimum amount required to start mining with us is $1,000 which will serve as a contract between you and our company for a period of six months.
The weekly profits are usually paid out upon request every Friday of the week.
As for now, the reinvestment option is not available, but might be considered in the future.
The only way you can reinvest is to create another investment which will earn you the same percentage rate according to the chosen plan.

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