this is the official statement of the buyout of btc2mine
    by kings elite escrow. make contact for details

King Elite Escrow

  • When Did We Begin?

    2010 - 2017

    King elite escrow has been securing transactions for businesses around the world for close to seven years now.

  • How Do We Operate?


    We provide security for major business transactions around the world. You can now buy ships, large shares and other transactions with the aid of our escrow services.

  • Why Do We Do It?

    2010 - 2017

    The early founders of this company experienced a challenge when trying to start their business online. There was no security and it cost them then creating a solution became a better business.

Our Portfolio

Why choose us?

King elite escrow makes sure that you never lose and are protected in every business that you venture into. We provide security for those selling and buying. Many clients over time give us their products also to sell for them and you can make that choice too if it will suite your intent model.

  • Provide Transacting Security
  • First Hand Authenticity
  • Transparency
  • Easy To Use
  • Verified Aunctions
  • Wealth Of Experience


Our Team

CEO/Chief Trader Of Kings Elite Escrow / BTC2mine.com

Making sure that you receive the best of services and also the best of commisions on trades made with us. I supervise and ensure that we deliver the best so that all our customers are properly satisfied.

Andriano Pedro. Chief Account Officer

We have a special team for individual transactions. A team that makes sure that every transaction is given minute to minute updates as to know the atmosphere which determines whether to freeze funds, release funds or otherwise pending on the verification of truth of what really went on between both parties.